Monday, December 30, 2013

Thirteen in '13

Well, helloooo there!!
Long see.  

Since I've been an absentee blogger for too many months, 
I thought I'd kick of 2014 by recapping all the things that kept me so busy in 2013!

I'm linking up with 3 fabulous bloggers to share my
13 favorite moments of 2013.  

1. Snowmageddon 
We had ourselves a Midwest blizzard and made the most of our snow days by sledding, having snowball fights, and building a mansion of a snowfort!  It had 3 entries on three different levels and a slide inside of it.  Amazing!! 

2. Shark Mania!  
SonShine and his super creative Grandma made this incredible Shark Valentine box.  So much fun!!  He LOVED that his box "chomped" all of theValentines!

SonShine's Shark Attack cake won 3rd place in his Pack overall at the Cub Scout Cake Bake!

3. May 1st Snowstorm
I've never seen Snow in May!!  It was incredible.  

4. Cinco de Mayo with Jose Pepper!
My kid has such a GREAT sense of humor! 
This costume was all his idea and he ROCKED it all through the grocery store.
We had an absolute ball!!  

5. Dad & Lad
This should probably be my Number 1 most favorite thing about 2013.  
My hubby is the World's Greatest Daddy...I love, love, LOVE to watch him with our son.  He is a silly buddy, strong father, spiritual leader, tireless supporter, and tender daddy. 

6. Halloween
To my delight, SonShine decided to be Harry Potter for Halloween!
So, we made sure his trick-or-treat bag had some authentic treats like Chocolate Frogs. We always go Trick-or-Treating in my Grandma's neighborhood with all the cousins. It's such a fun family tradition!

7. Mother Nature
SonShine is such a nature lover!!  He has had such a great time this year going on hikes, catching baby frogs, fishing, making camp fires, and finding cool rocks!

8.  ABD (All But Dissertation!) Doctoral Candidate
  In July I took the comprehensive exams for my Educational Leadership Doctoral program...3 days, 3 massive binders, 6 exams, and 90 pages of essays.
Now, all that's left is Dissertation.  Can't wait to be Dr. Swan in 2014!!

9.  Colorado Vacation
Our first family vacation in 4 long years!
I have been in class every summer for the last 4 years - making vacations impossible. So, as soon as I finished my comps, we headed out of town for 10 days in Colorado!! We rented a house on the very top of a mountain and soaked in as much fun and family time as possible.

10. Baptism
 Both Hubs and SonShine were baptized together this summer. 

This picture is my favorite...
I love the look on SonShine's face as he watches Daddy getting baptized!

11. Boys Trips
I've been very busy this fall working on my dissertation proposal. So, my incredible Hubs has been taking SonShine on all kinds of amazing Boys Trips! They've gone on nature hikes, helicopter rides, to museums, festivals, and MORE!! I'm so grateful for a hubby that turns the times when I have to work into awesome memories for our son!

12. Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year!!
We have had such a great holiday season... visited Crown Center, saw A Christmas Carol, looked at Christmas lights, made NinjaBread cookies for Santa, celebrated with our family, and remembered the birth of our Savior. 

13.  Instagram
I have fallen in love with Instagram this year!
I'd love for you to follow me!!  I'm @happyteacherheaven 
It's so much fun getting to know all my blogging friends and it's a great way to share ideas and keep in touch when you don't have time to blog.  Below are my 3 favorite InstaPics of the year!

We gave SonShine Bertie Botts Every-Flavour Beans...
he got a vomit flavored one.  GAG!!  

My boys with their 2013 Memory Ornament -- it's an "I've Been Everywhere" Santa to commemorate all of their Boys Trips this year.  Memory Ornaments are my favorite holiday tradition!!

This is my absolute favorite student writing sample from last spring.  

I'm linking up these 3 favorite Instagram pics of the year with Kickin' It In Kindergarten for her

If you're still sure to hop over to Simply Kinder and get registered for her INCREDIBLE giveaway!

Thanks for stopping by!
I promise to be a better blogger in 2014!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

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