Friday, January 24, 2014

Five for Friday!'s Friday!!
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I'm not sure where this week went!!  It flew by!
If you follow me on Instagram, a lot of this will look familiar!

This was my week to kick it with my kiddo in Sunday School!  I teach in his Sunday School class every other week and it's my favorite thing to do!!  

I loved having Monday off for MLK Jr. Day!  Several of my best blogging friends and I teamed up for an EPIC Snowball Fight facebook hop.  It was SO much fun!!  :)  I gave away a sampler of my newest {adorable} product - Penguin Pals DIFFERENTIATED Addition & Subtraction Spinner Stations.  

I was SO excited about all my new and faithful followers, that I created this
Groundhog Differentiated Number Order BONUS FREEBIE!!

Some of you know that I'm sharing a classroom this year.  I teach 1/2 day PM kindergarten and share a room with the {awesome} AM teacher.  It has been a much easier experience that I anticipated, but there are definitely downsides.  One -- I cannot seem to get organized!  Things just keep piling up!! 

We've been having lots of fun with Elmer this week!  
Here's a sneak peek of an idea that I found on turned out SO cute!!

Helllllo Data Binder!!  
I've been working away on my 3-year Evaluation Portfolio all week.
I'm putting on the finishing details this weekend...I'll be SO glad to be done!!
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Techie Teacher - Insert & Customize a Batch of Photos in PPT

I've learned SO much over the last year in this blogging journey!  I'm excited to start sharing some of those nuggets of wisdom with you in this new "Techie Teacher Tutorial" series on the blog.

I recently discovered an awesome time-saving trick!!
When I'm creating products in PowerPoint, I often need to insert several images and it's SO time-consuming to insert them all separately.  (Ain't nobody got time for that!!)  

Check out the tutorial below to learn how to save time by inserting and customizing a batch of images all at once!  

Here's the FREEBIE that I created to share with you while creating this tutorial!
Click the picture below to grab your copy.  :)

I have several ideas for tutorials, but let me know if you have any special requests in the comments.
Thank you for visiting!!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Freebies, Giveaways & More!!

I'm so excited to welcome all of my new facebook followers to Happy Teacher Heaven!
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You can scoop up an adorable sampler of my newest Math Pack!

I will be listing the FULL VERSION of this product for just $1 for ONE DAY ONLY on Jan. 21st!
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I'd love to GIVEAWAY a Penguin Pals Addition & Subtraction pack to a lucky subscriber!
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And, to celebrate all my new followers, here is a BONUS FREEBIE!
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Your comments make my heart smile and I look forward to reading each one!!  
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snowball Fight!! (Freebies Galore!)

Don't miss the BIGGEST Snowball Fight of the Year!!
22 of your favorite bloggers have teamed up to bring you a...

Our forts are built...
the snowballs are packed & stacked...
and we're about to BLAST you with FREEBIES!!

So lace up your boots, pull on your mittens,
and get ready to load up on 'SNOW' much good stuff!!

Hop on over to to the Happy Teacher Heaven facebook page to pick up my freebie!

Look for this tab on every facebook page to find the next FREEBIE.
Note: You will not be able to access the freebies from an iPad.  

To celebrate and thank all my new followers, I put my
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We hope you have fun on the hop and find lots of fun freebies that you and your kiddos will love!
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Thanks for joining our Snowball Fight!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

"FLASH" Freebie!

I've noticed that there are some tricky sight words that many of my students still trip over while reading.  I created this "FLASH!" Mixed-Up Sight Word game for my students to use when we return from winter break.  I love how interactive it is and I think my students will love the novelty of unscrambling the mixed up letters!  (And, word building activities are always a favorite!) 

Those first few days back to school after winter break are always the toughest!
I created this activity to get my students up and moving while reviewing their sight words.

I  attached each camera to a solo cup.  (I just used scotch tape on the back).  I put the corresponding word strips inside the cup - enough for each student in my class.  I will provide a recording sheet for each child.  Students will move around the room, stopping at each camera to build the word using the word strips.  Then, they can color the camera to match the card and either write the word or paste the letter cards next to the camera.  Easy, fun, and interactive!  :)

I hope you enjoy these last few days of winter break and look forward to getting back into the classroom!  

Just a reminder that my Camera Words Sight Word Folder System BUNDLE is 50% OFF
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BOOST student learning, ENGAGE parents, and SAVE TIME!!  

But, the sale ends today!!  So won't want to miss this deal!!  :)  
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I hope you have a fabulous weekend and a great first week back at school!
Thank you!!  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Camera Words Sight Word Folder System

As we all gear up to head back into our classrooms in the next week, I wanted to share how my system for managing sight word progress has worked wonders for my students and I this year!

There's a Cutie-Patootie little FREEBIE at the end of this be sure you read all the way to the end.  :)

You may or may not know that I teach half-day kindergarten, so time is a HUGE concern for me!  I was feeling frustrated because I just couldn't keep up with monitoring my students' sight word progress.  I knew I needed a system.  But, it had to be efficient and streamlined - or it would never work for me!  So, I got to work and created my new...

My students and I call sight words "Camera Words" because students should be able to recognize them "in a FLASH"!!

With this Sight Word Folder System, I have been able to quickly and efficiently track and monitor the progress of ALL students on a weekly just a few minutes a day!  My kids have made incredible progress and have been SO PROUD of themselves!  This program makes the task of learning sight words manageable, meaningful, and FUN!!  

 Camera Words BUNDLE on TPT

My Camera Words Sight Word Folder System breaks down the most common sight words (Dolch words) into weekly word lists, with review lists and a final list included to ensure MASTERY!  Easy-to-use forms for Assessment and Progress Monitoring are included.

When I created this program, I knew I wanted to be ale to seamlessly DIFFERENTIATE so my students could make progress at their own pace.  I like how every student has a folder and all the pages look it's not obvious which students are on an intervention level and which are on an enrichment level.  

The bundle includes the Pre-PrimerPrimer, and 1st Grade word sets.

I designed this program to be used as a "folder system", which makes School-Home Communication a snap!  However, the folder system WORKS even if you choose to only use it at school.  It will make it very quick and easy for you to differentiate your work work activities and provide targeted practice for students at school!

Here's How...

I like to use inexpensive, fun folders with bright colors and patterns to make my Sight Word Folders.  I found these fun folders in the Target Dollar Spot in a 3-pack for $1.  Not bad!  But, you could also use regular file folders and cover the stapled edge with a funky strip of duct tape to add some fun.  :)  

Print off the pages, insert them into the file folder, staple securely across the top, and you're set!  I provided covers (as shown in the picture) that you can attach to the front of the file folder...but that's completely optional. 

I like to send home a set of flash cards with each student.  I copy them on cardstock so they last.  However, I teach the students lots of "games" they can play with the flash cards and I make sure to continually remind parents to avoid "drilling" the sight words with the flash cards.  I included the list number on the bottom corner of each card, for management and organizational purposes.  :)

Again, I prefer using a folder because it's super easy to get from school to home and back again.  I can also collect the folders for progress monitoring without having to have a stack of binders on my desk.  However, if you already use a Daily Binder with your students, you may want to just add a "Camera Words" section to the binder.  :) Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy!!  

When I created this system I knew I wanted it to be a tool to ENGAGE and EMPOWER parents to help their children master sight words at home.  So, I included a parent letter that you can use for the introduction page of the sight word folder. . It gives parents the scoop on why sight words really matter and sets the tone for a positive partnership!  I like to sign each letter at the bottom, just to add a personal touch.   

I wanted to equip parents with the tools they would need to make sight word practice more meaningful and engaging.  So, I included a list of suggested activities for practicing sight words.  These fun, hands-on, and interactive strategies make it a "SNAP" for parents to help their children at home!

I broke down the Dolch words into lists of 5-6 words.  My goal is for students to master one list each week.  Students practice the words both at home and at school throughout the week.  When they have mastered a list, they put their folder on my desk during our "arrival" routine.  Then, throughout the day, when I have a minute, I'll pull a student over to my desk and check their progress. 

I tend to just use the stopwatch feature on my phone when assessing because my phone is usually within reach.  But, you could use any sort of timer.  I generally have students just read the words to me directly from the folder.  But, you could use the flash cards (provided) instead if you prefer.  I record their data directly on the folder for parent communication and progress monitoring purposes.  I also transfer the data onto my own spreadsheet, but I like having all their data in front of me when I'm assessing.
I use the checklist in the front of the folder to keep a running record of the student's progress at-a-glance.  It also serves as a "certificate" when the student has mastered all of the words.

I have received RAVE REVIEWS from parents about this program!  They absolutely love how manageable it is.  The Camera Words system creates a predictable routine that families can incorporate into their busy schedules.  Most importantly, I'm getting AWESOME RESULTS!  All but 2 of my kindergartners have moved on to 1st grade words before winter break!!  I hope you'll be able to use this system to BOOST student learning, engage parents, and save time!! :)

Best of can get the BUNDLE for 50% OFF!!
I'm keeping it discounted until Friday, January don't delay!!

And, now here's your FREEBIE! Enjoy!!  :)

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