Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Currently...Hello 2014!!

Happy New Year!!
But seriously...2014?!! 

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Hubs and SonShine have this awesome tradition of going "Exploring".  They get up early, go get some yummy breakfast, and then go drive around in the country.  They love finding deer and turkeys and cool rocks and anything nature-tastic!  Sometimes I go too, but it's really their special time together.  So, I usually stay home and have some "Me Time"...which is FAB!!

We hosted our annual NYE party with our friends from church.  It is always a blast...tons of good friends, delicious food, and guaranteed hilarity!!  After everyone cleared out, Hubs and SonShine went upstairs to "unwind" by playing a little Lego Marvel on the PS3.  So, I bit the bullet and cleaned the entire kitchen.  Not fun at 1 am, but it was glorious to wake up to a clean kitchen this morning!!

My mind this morning is filled with reflection on the year behind and expectations of the year to come.  I'm so very, very grateful for an incredible 2013 and looking forward to new memories in 2014!

A for realz.  Suuuuuper tired this morning!!
I'd settle for a Starbucks, but that means I'd have to get out of bed.

I always like to leave up the Christmas decorations as long as possible.  I absolutely love it when the house is decorated for Christmas.  It's my favorite time of the year!  I've been known to leave the decorations up until the end of January!  But, we put our decorations up in mid November this year, so I'm feeling ready to box 'em up until next year!

Each year since I was a baby, I have received or bought a Memory Ornament for our family Christmas tree.  When I got married, my mom gave them all to me for my own tree.  It's a tradition that my husband and I have continued.  This year, we bought a cute little singing Santa who is holding a map to commemorate all of my husband and son's "Boys Trips" this year.  

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I wish you many blessings and all the best life has to offer in 2014!!


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