Monday, October 29, 2012

A Little Crazy...

The date on this post cracks me up!!  Confession: I wrote this post on February 6, 2013.  But don't get your hopes up thinking that I've spent the past 3 months crafting the perfect first blog post.  Because I didn't.  I "started" this blog waaaaay back in October, but felt so awkward {and more than just little crazy} writing posts-that-no-one-would-read-because-no-one-knows-who-I-am that I've avoided it like the plague ever since.  Like most new bloggers, I've been feeling like the teacher-blogger-world is already SO full of amazing*incredible*talented*generous*witty*creative bloggers...what could I ever hope to contribute??  Then, I learned an important truth from the complete source of all worldly knowledge...Pinterest.  Confucius-schmucius...who needs ancient widsom when you've got PINS!?!
how to handle fear.

Thank you for this gem, Bill Cosby.   So, here I am folks!  Let's get this party started!!

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