Sunday, May 5, 2013

Recess Rants to Recess Raves!!

Do you have a "Mr. Nobody" that plays on your playground
and leaves out all the equipment??  We do!!

The PE teacher sent out the following email last week, "We are losing equipment by leaving it out at a record pace.  I placed 3 brand new basketballs out there last week and already they are gone.  We are almost out of equipment..."  Since Kindergarten is the last class out on the playground each day, we can really help to solve this problem!!  

We are fortunate to have a door straight into our classroom from the playground.  To encourage my kids to be more aware of cleaning up at the end of recess, I put some stickers (FREE from Highlights magazine) in a cute little sports bucket right by the door.  My idea was that kids who picked up equipment could grab a sticker on the way back inside.  

While the kids were certainly motivated to pick-up the playground, 
the sticker pail created a total traffic-jam in the doorway.  

So, like any good teacher, I very quickly revised my plan!

Our recess door is magnetic, so I decided to use that to my advantage!  I printed some "Recess Star" cards, laminated them, and slapped a magnet to the back.  Now, when kids pick-up equipment at recess, they simply grab a card off the door and put it on their desk tag.  

Our recess is at the very end of the day. So, when the kids arrive the next day, they can put their star back on the door and select a sticker.  The flow of the morning routine helps to reduce the "traffic jam".  The kids also love starting the day off with a reward!  :)  

If you'd like to give it a try with your class, you can click the picture below and download your very own set of "Recess Stars"!  

With only a couple weeks left in the school year, I'm pulling out allllllll the stops in positive behavior support!!  Keep checking back for more posts about my "Rockin' Rewards"!!

Thank you for stopping by!!


  1. Amy, The buttons look fun! Did you get them recently?

  2. I wish I could use this with my grade 6's but I don't think it will work. We have a system where my students are the equipment cart monitors and they are responsible for signing in and out the equipment at all recesses. They work on a rotating schedule and only have to do their duty once a week. It gives them good leadership experience. On the downside, many of the younger, primary students don't return their materials to the cart in a timely fashion, if at all. I wonder if I could modify your idea, and get my monitors to give out CLASS stars on a daily basis, and then at the end of the week the class who was the most conscientious about returning equipment would win some sort of prize....You have got me thinking now! Thanks!

  3. What a great idea! Love starting the day off with a reward. :)
    I gave you a shout out on my blog today! You rock!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  4. Great idea! Found you on the blog hop and just started following your page. Will be back soon! Joe and Allie Teach


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