Wednesday, February 27, 2013

50 Likes Facebook Giveaway!!

I am truly in Happy Teacher Heaven!!

Just one month ago I was feeling so silly about even having a blog or facebook page for it because I was the only one reading it!  I knew it before, but now I am absolutely convinced that teachers are the BEST people on the planet.  Boy-oh-boy...the teacher blogging community really knows how to roll out the red carpet to make the new girl feel right at home!  

So, I want to celebrate by giving away some super-cute stuff from my TPT store!  Click the picture below to head over to my facebook page and enter to WIN!!  :)

Follow the link in the first facebook comment to my TPT store. (I'd love it if you'd follow my store while you're there!) Look through my products, and then come back and post in the facebook comments about your favorite product and why you like it. I'll pick 2 winners on Saturday morning and send you the product you chose!

I'd love it if you'd share the Facebook post with your facebook or blog followers...if I get a bunch of comments, I'll pick more (and more) winners!! :) 

I'll pick 2 winners on Saturday morning. Remember to share this giveaway with all your friends to increase your odds of winning...the more comments I get, the more winners I'll pick! :)

And remember -- leave your comment on the facebook post!! I'd love your comments here - but I'll picking the winners from facebook.  


  1. Wow what a great idea, one day I'll have 50 followers too! and now you have one more! I love your making ten rainbows so very cute :)


  2. Since you're a no-reply blogger, I'll address your button question here. To get the button, control+click or left-click on the button and choose Copy Image Location. In blogger, go to Layout and Add a Gadget in your sidebar. Choose Image. Down where it says Image, click the button for From the web and paste what you just copied into the box. If you want to link back to the page, then go back to my link-up page and cut and paste the URL into the Link box above where you pasted the link into the image area. Does that make sense? Email me directly if it doesn't.

    Fifth in the Middle

  3. Gah!! I didn't even know I WAS a "no-reply" blogger!! I had to Google it to even know what that meant. I hope I fixed the problem and I thank you kindly for alerting me to it! Thanks also for going out of your way to find me here. :) Teachers are such awesome people.

    Happy Teacher Heaven

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